Wednesday 5 July 2017

Our last session.

Student Survey TAG   Term 1 and 2 2017

What are the best things about attending TAG

Alec T – doing heaps of Maths and also learning Maths. 
Cassie- My favourite part was doing work in our books – the sheets and 100s board etc. Basically all of it is good.
Eve – We get milo, we get to go on the iPads, Playing Maths games  with different people not just your class.
Ruby – That we get to do worksheets about ourselves and Maths games. We have our own books and get to do our on Maths inside them.
Ashlee – You get to play games and you get to make new friends. Also that we actually do Maths.
Briar – It’s nice going somewhere different because we get to play games.
Kairo – The Milo and playing with other people.
Emily – That you make new friends, that we get milo, I did times tables.
Sofia – Doing hard Maths, meeting new friends.
Blake – iPads, games.
Ethan – You can go on the iPads and play with the maths games.
Desna – I get to play some games with my friends. I like doing maths on the iPads.
Tahlia – Doing Maths games, playing on the iPads and having hot chocolate.
Ellie- I like to do the hard maths in my book and also playing battleships.
George- I like the maths games and I like playing battleships.
Alivia- Playing the games.
Ryder- Doing really hard maths.
Sienna- Having fun.

Is the work hard enough for you.

Alec T – Yes Its just the right level to make my brain work.
Cassie – Yes… you could even make it a little bit harder.
Eve- Yes – just right.
Ruby -  Yes … could have it a wee bit harder.
Ashlee – No I’m doing “divided bys” – so I’ve just got my book out and I’m doing some of my own.
Briar – Yes - I liked it when I got to be the teacher/marker of tidy numbers for my group.
Kairo – The work is hard enough for me don’t make it any harder.
Emily – Yes  its just right.
Sofia - yes
Blake – No make it harder.
Ethan – No  - maybe a different group.
Desna – Yes. Maybe a bit harder would be good.
Tahlia – No I could have it even harder.
Ellie- yes maybe make it a little bit harder.
George- Too easy give me Y3 problems.
Alivia- Yes
Ryder- Really yes
Sienna- Sort of.

Is there anything you would like to change about T.A.G.

Alec T – Give us more time. Do it every week.
Cassie – “Reading what Alec said, the same as him.”
Eve - No … maybe every week.
Ruby – I agree with Alec.
Ashelee- You would get to dress up.
Briar – No keep it like it is.
Kairo – Add Minecraft.
Emily – No
Sophia – No
Blake – No
Ethan – No
Desna – I’d like to go in a different Maths group.
Tahlia – To have TAG every day.
Ellie- You could change some of the games add new nes along the way.
George-I don’t know.
Alivia- Rather not do any maths.
Ryder- Make the maths harder for smart kids.
Sienna- No iPads.

What areas of our curriculum do you think TAG  should cover ?

Alec T – Maths Reading, painting and orgami.
Cassie – Science, Maths, Reading and dance. 
Eve – Maths, PE and Dance.
Ruby – Dance, PE, Maths, coding and painting.
Ashlee – Science, Maths and Art. 
Briar – Maths, reading,  writing, science.
Kairo – Minecraft/ minecraft to build maths things. Circles are the hardest. Hide and seek Tag and if you get tagged you’d have to solve a maths problem in a certain amount of time.
Emily – Maths and Science.
Sofia – Maths, dance, computers and iPads.
Blake – Maths, friends/social skills. 
Ethan – Minecraft.
Desna – Painting.
Tahlia – Reading, Spelling, drawing and painting.
Ellie- Gross science experiments, More Maths esp books to read.
George- Maths.
Alivia- Painting, Maths
Ryder- Maths and PE.
Sienna- Highland dancing and making art.

Do you like going to TAG or would you rather have your needs meet in other ways?
Alec T – Its  a good thing to get taken out of class because I like doing lots of different activities.
Cassie – TAG .
Eve – I like doing TAG I learn stuff. 
Ruby – I like doing TAG rather than any other stuff. You learn in TAG.
Ashlee – Going to TAG.
Briar – TAG is the best way.
Kairo – I like going to TAG I can’t think of a different way.
Emily – Just TAG.
Sofia – TAG
Blake – No don’t ned to come would rather stay in my class.
Ethan – Keep the money  and let me stay in class.
Desna – I like going to TAG.
Tahlia – Keep doing TAG.
Ellie- Yes
George- Yes
Alivia- TAG
Ryder- Always do TAG
Sienna- Keep doing TAG.

We will also ask our parents for feedback too!